Who is killing the innovation ideas in your company? and How to get the managers aligned to problem solving for innovation

Problem Solving and Innovation hinderances in the workplace.

Advancing technology and access to information and products online has created a paradigm shift in the perceived expectations of the consumers. Consumers are expecting the products to be online, easy to use, and quick delivery. Now more than ever, organizations have a greater need to align their offerings to meet consumer expectations.

Organizations are being challenged to identify and develop new ways to solve business problems.

Creative thinking (ability to come up with novel ideas) and Innovation (the process to take an idea and implement it into a solution of value to the customer) has emerged as an important problem-solving skill in the workplace.

Proactive Personality: Organizations are increasingly focused on the employees who have higher interactions with the customers to identify and provide ideas for process improvement. With many organizations moving towards providing greater autonomy of work to employees, the focus is on the individual employee to identify process inefficiencies and take steps to change the work processes.

Coming up with novel ideas to improve processes may not always conform to the leader’s beliefs or expectations.

How to overcome and align ideas and supervisor expectations to support an idea during the the early innovation process?

Leaders have a set of goals:

Goals are focused on ensuring the organization meets the levels of productivity and financial results. Goals are often focused on the current markets and how the product and service of the organization is doing in the current market.

The goals should include how leaders and managers/ supervisors are fostering innovation and ideas in the teams.

The role of the manager in the innovation process:

Innovation begins with an idea. An idea comes from a an unfulfilled need in the product, Design and Service, Current market or an untapped market space.

When an idea does not fit into the list of performance indicators of the manager and their responsibility the idea becomes “Not My Problem”.

Adjusting the Goals

When the supervisor goals and organizations’ mission becomes about creating new value for the customer.

The New value could be in the current customer base and also tapping into other markets with newer products and features. The expectation then becomes about thinking about the company’s future but also maintaining the current performance, can be a game changer.

Aligning the expectations can be a small step to the big leap in innovation for your organization’s future of staying relevant and competitive. Now more than ever, organizations have a greater need to align their offerings to meet the rapidly changing consumer expectations.

Foster creative thinking to Innovate Better, Faster, and Smarter.

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