Troubleshooter to Troublemaker

How changing your viewpoint can help you solve complex business process problems

Have you sometimes looked at a process and thought – wow they’ve really made this process overly complex for the employees and the customer?

Solving complex business process or complicated products these days is where organizations spend a lot of time.

Most common approach used is brainstorming – where your trying to identify a solution and resolve a complaint, or you may be thinking about how to avoid errors, defects, or reduce risk.

What do you do if you or your team are unable to generate ideas to solve the problem?

One technique that I’ve seen much success is to switch your role from being the solver to the attacker – I call it the “Troublemaker”

Trouble maker causes trouble, right?

Get into the trouble maker character and ask yourself, how would you cause an error and list down all the different ways in the process design that you can create an error.

Same goes with experience, think about what you might disapprove of or dislike about the product or service.

For risk and compliance – what can I do to not meet the requirements.

This is approach is known as reverse brainstorming.

  1. Reverse the problem to ‘how to cause it’
  2. Identify ways of causing the problem
  3. Find ways to prevent the problem

Reversing the problem and playing the bad actor character in you mind will help you see the problem from a different lens.

This approach generates ideas that you can prioritize and implement to error proof your process and improve a product and service.

This approach is useful to untangle complicated processes and come up with preventative controls to troubleshoot business process problems.

From troubleshooter to Troublemaker.

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