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Research and Teaching

Set your goal and have fun in the journey of achieving them! 

In the business of researching creative thinking skills to effectively solve problems.

Working for the under represented.

Speaking Engagements

Erlin is a professional speaker and trainer. Whether you’re looking for breakout sessions for a small group in a private setting or before a team of executives, or on stage in front of a big audience. Her presentations are full of vivid images and real-life stories that inspire and engage the audiences. Her enthusiasm, lively and down-to-earth speaking style makes her an extremely popular speaker.

Keynote on – Woman Empowerment – for the women of color, from a woman of color

Relocating to the US and learnings about resilience and hard work to rebuild life from scratch.

Erlin uprooted her life and came to the US as a relocated spouse. She left all her family and friends she’d known all her life to live in a country and rebuild. Her story is full of fun, emotions and learnings for women, women of color, Immigrants and minority women owned businesses. Her path to achieving the American Dream.

You will walk away feeling powerful that you can change the world and be an ally for those who are under represented. Your learnings will also include how to be resilient and build confidence to achieve every dream.

Organizations hire Erlin to:

  • Deliver practical, and inspiring keynote speeches
  • Develop and Embed the practices of Creative Thinking
    leadership skills in the organization’s DNA
  • Provide significant on-going leadership learning and
    development to unlock creativity

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