Tired of not getting product innovation right?

2 New Customer Experience Questions for your team to ask for innovation

Product Innovation gone wrong. Have you done your Customer Experience and customer journey analysis right?

Are you wondering why your customers are not biting onto your new product innovation and offering Innovation? Customers know the problem with your service and product.

Executives and Leaders try to do product innovation everyday. These are generally done in a conference room with a group of leaders and executives. Leaders approach a list of product and service problems with innovative ideas to fix it with an intent to drive customer retention and engagement.

Well, the method of solving a problem in the conference room, Why is this method flawed for product innovation and understanding customer journey and customer experience?

Let’s discuss. First to understand product Innovation, one must learn more about customer journey and customer experience. Lets understand a little more about the customer-


Who is your customers?

What do your customers want and desire from your service and products?

What do you want your customer to know?

How do you want the customer’s to feel?

The ones who interact with the customers on a regular basis are the people who are the closest to understanding some of the above questions for your customer. But the best approach to learn about the customers’ experience is to see your customer directly when they interact with your product and services.

Stop fixing a problem you have not seen yourself


The story of a mop

Product Innovation and Customer experience – illustration

I like to share an example of how Swiffer – the mop was created and invented, illustration Product Innovation and customer experience:

In the 1990’s Proctor & Gamble needed a new cleaning business–one that might involve a new tool. So they hired Continuum. This company went to the houses of people and watched them clean their floors.

The crew landed with all the equipment and filmed people cleaning the house. they made observation on what people had to do to achieve a clean house. In its research, the team realized that people were cleaning their mops as much as they were cleaning their floors–meaning that there was space for a speedier clean. Not just the efficiency part the team also picked up on the unaesthetic features of the mop that caused the customers to keep it stowed away and hidden out of plain sight as it looked dirty.

Swiffer was born to eliminate the pain points around mopping and cleaning and the product design appealed to the esthetic needs of the customer.

2 New questions to ask during product Innovation

  • How do they interact with current products on the market?
  • What challenges do they have with the current offerings?

Investigating the customer painpoints and customer experience in a conference room

Many companies are using CX journey and Human centered design to create new services and products from a customer lens during product innovation phase. Some take a field-trip to observe their customers, but largely the tools such as CX and Human centered design used in many organizations have proxy customer perspectives provided by the leaders and managers. Leaders and Managers are far removed from the day – to – day interactions with the customer to know the truth and the full truth of customers’ experiences. Customers may not need a mop but they’re wanting to eliminate the messy work around cleaning the mop and strong it away from plain sight.

How are you creating value in the life of your customer when you create new offerings during product innovation?

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