Fostering a culture of creative thinking and innovation

Erlin Kakkanad – Founder and CEO

Focused on improving Problem solving skills through critical thinking and creative thinking.

Engineer creative thinking was founded to help advance research in creative thinking skills to effectively solve problems.

When leaders and teams come together to solve problems, the obvious solution or idea is often selected and people run with it. People don’t think deep for more ideas… because ideation in itself is hard and not everyone is wired to dig deep for innovative and novel ideas.

In the fast pace environment today, very little focus is given to developing creative thinking skills.

During my research, I’ve learnt about how so many leaders and teams struggle of coming up with creative ideas and solutions to address the business problem and improve customer experience. Employees often say to me that they’re not the creative person in the room.

Reach out to me for speaking sessions or to know more about the research.

Erlin is a Phd Student at Drake University since 2020 studying Organization behavior.

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